Lady Dior Nano Pouch

You should not be able to feel it by running your fingers over the stitching and the color should match the bag’s color, making it almost invisible. Please note that leather elements used inside the Lady Dior must always be of identical color to the bag’s exterior. The color of the fabric lining will not always be identical to the outside color of the bag, despite of the popular belief. For example, you may often find red cannage lining inside of Lady Diors with black exterior. Please note that many modern Lady Dior bags do not have a zippered closure, but rather have a leather flap covering the opening to the bag. The leather tag that’s affixed to the “O” charm should simply say “Christian Dior” printed on the back of it, not more and not less.

lady dior pouch review

You can also attach the longer, adjustable strap to the bag and wear it over the shoulder or crossbody. While the small, medium and large classic versions of this bag tend to have a zip top opening, you can also find mini versions of the bag and newer, non-classic versions of the bag with a flap top. There is so much to appreciate about it that – even if you decide it’s not right for you – you may want to know about it for your own love and appreciation of designer bags. My one last shopping tip before you buy is to make sure the size works for your lifestyle and body type.

However, after using it for a while, I had no issues with items spilling out and the flap seems more practical than a zipper closure, which is found on all other Lady Dior Bags larger than the mini. The zipper closure reportedly makes it tricky to reach into the bag and requires both hands to maneuver while the flap can be raised completely to allow a wider opening. I do find, however, that the leather on the flap gets the most wear and tear as I really have to go hands-on when untucking it from the bag.

Gorgeous textured snake leather that created a mesmerizing pattern on the bag. If you look very close, you can notice that scales look like honeybee cells. Alligator’s skin has a completely different pattern than crocodile leather.

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