Fjallraven Kanken Laptop Backpack Review

What I’m saying is that these bags are very easy, in fact designed, to be toted about by the children’s handlers. You can extend the straps long enough to make this little kid backpack fit an adult-sized back! Yes, you will look very silly but it is convenient and when you’re in the middle of this game that is Parenting, fashionable goes right out the window in favor of functional.

It definitely preserves some of the “school day” nostalgia, while still being an excellent option for travelers. The rectangular shape also helps keep everything organized and gives you easy access to all the items in the pack. What better way to test backpacks than to actually use them? Amongst the five models reviewed, the Fjallraven Greenland Backpack is the most spacious with its 30-liter volume. You can fit practically anything you might need in the main compartment.

It’s durable and waterproof, has plenty of interior storage space despite its compact appearance, and is currently one of the hottest bags on the market. While the Kanken backpack isn’t very likely to tear, it can be susceptible to scuffs from everyday use – especially if you’re carrying it with you on busy public transit. For some Kanken owners , however, this adds character to the bag and gives it a more worn-in, vintage look over time. It’s definitely worth noting that lighter colors are much more likely to show their scuff marks than darker shades. That said, I wouldn’t take my Kånken on any major hikes .

That doesn’t happen with The Kanken Mini size, its life proof. At only 11” in height, it’s called the Mini for good reason. But its just the right size for kiddos to handle on their own which is helpful.

One of our testers found the plethora of storage options to be more problematic than helpful—with so many pockets and pouches, it’s easy to forget exactly where you placed a certain object. Like its big brother, the Incase ICON], it is heavy and stiff, which means it is great at protecting your devices, but not very comfortable to wear over longer time spans. The Kånken is a backpack that was originally designed with Swedish schoolchildren in mind. With a squishy, padded back, the ICON backpack is easy to carry over both short and long distances. If you need a water resistant backpack that can carry large and small objects, the L.L.

fjallraven backpack review

It is a very basic bag without padded straps or padding for a laptop. Since our trip was during the high heat of summer I was glad there was no padding making me sweat. The bag totally did the trick and I’m still using it as a cute commuter bag. I am all about color and pattern, so this bag gets a whole-hearted ten out of ten from me. Most of the bags in this collection come in Ocean Surface, a soft blue and pink pattern or Ocean Deep, a darker, all blue palette—each designed by Linn Fritz.

The straps actually shut with magnetic snaps, which can make it confusing and non-intuitive to open the bag. Also, there is no place to store a water bottle on the exterior of the bag. Other than the main pouch, there’s only one other container, and that’s where all the smaller stuff, like writing utensils and forensic evidence lives. Unfortunately, items that are too large to fit in the smaller pouch will doubtlessly get lost in the vast cavern of the main compartment.

They hit the mid-thigh with slits and are made with quick-drying fabric for activities like hiking or biking. Next up in this Fjallraven review, we’re going to go through some customer favorites in the men’s apparel category. These pieces were designed to tough out the elements and keep you protected during any journey. Apart from expressing yourself, this keyring is made from 100% polypropylene and features a small patch with the Kanken logo on it.

There’s also a stiffener, some sort of plastic sheet sewn into the back of the packbag, but not removable, to give the pack bag a little body. The load lifters are attached to the pack bag at the top of this internal sheet. The main pack bag and top lid of the Bergtagen 38 are waterproof, which is a really nice feature on a winter backpack, so you don’t have to line it with a plastic bag. Using a pack cover in winter or for climbing is also really inconvenient given the number of items you have to attach to the outside of a backpack, from crampons and ice axes to rope or skis. Durability is certainly one of the things you should look out for in any backpack. From durable inner and outer materials and relatively good stitching to a durable compartment to keep your valuables safe.