I’ve written a fair number of these bio pages since my first websites in the mid-late ’90s, and they never seem to get any easier. I just refer to myself as “your webmistress” less. 

My name is Caroline. I am a multimedia geek, intersectional feminist, transformative works fan, city girl, and diaspora kid, living in Queens, NY, with my twin toddlers and husband. I’m primary caretaker to my kids, as well as several African violets and a small assortment of cacti and houseplants. I enjoy Ed Yong science articles in The Atlantic and long walks to the craft store.

Professionally, I’ve worked in a variety of industries, ranging from publishing to IT to law. I’ve flexed my Hufflepuff nerd cred at just about every job I’ve had since 8th grade and succeeded the most in positions where I could do that freely and creatively. I’m in the fortunate position now to do design and formatting work on a freelance basis, mostly for Kaleidoscope Vibrations.

These days, in my free time after 13 hour days with the kids, I’m generally doing book work, podcasting, or trying to read or watch something. And while I shouldn’t be, I am overly happy to talk to you about any of these things.