Bellroy Mini Sling Reviews

Fewer straps equal cleaner looks equal to a thumbs up from us. The Bellroy Sling Mini one-ups the original with more organization while inheriting the clever self-compressing straps, but the main compartment is cumbersome. I’m also not a fan of how the openings on the front and back external pockets don’t reach the edges of the pouch. Instead, it stops a little less than an inch away from the edge of the bag, making it harder to get things out when you need them.

bellroy sling mini review

Lucky for those who want to dress like it’s 2019, Bellroy designed a fanny pack-like bag that’s stylish, versatile, and surprisingly spacious — and it’s called the Sling. The Bellroy Sling can be worn across your chest, over your back, or on your shoulder, and its double-sided zipper design works for lefties and righties. Bellroy never fails to impress with their combination of slick looks and functional pieces.

Like the Bellroy MAAP x Shift we reviewed earlier this year, the Sling is made entirely of Bellroy’s Venture Weave, which has a high abrasion resistance rating and provides a good amount of weather resistance. I’ve found this to be true of the MAAP x Shift as well, which I’ve been using for much longer. I also really enjoy the unique shade of blue you get from the heathering in the fabric. The bag uses Bellroy’s signature leather for the zipper pulls and the front facing logo, adding a nice touch of luxury. The Bellroy Sling seeks to join the current sling bag trend , while bucking some of the trend’s typical correlation with athleisure wear and travel.

I’m in the midst of my Keep Being Awesome 2.0 Tour, having already spent a month in Chiang Mai, Thailand and currently in Da Nang, Vietnam. Always up to the challenge of adapting my workflow to new and exciting EDC, from the backpacks, the luggage to the wallets and organisers, here’s an inside look into how I’m moving from place to place. Unless you count the pull tabs on the zippers (which we don’t), there’s only one strap of which to speak on the Bellroy Sling. Furthermore, its managed so brilliantly, we’ve found ourselves wishing more brands put this kind of care and attention into the design and execution of their straps, as it truly helps set this sling bag apart.

If you are going to put your sunglasses in this pocket, be careful as it will be pressing against your body and is subject to get damaged. This means that the inside of the sling is not always easily accessible, which can be really annoying. The lack of pockets on this sling was clearly an intentional move. If you need to fill it with your stuff, it can easily handle that and will expand – making it as big as you need. The sling is light, compact, and just has a great feel when you are moving around with it on. While the feel is a bit on the scratchier side, there is still a satisfying smoothness to the feel of the pack.

Perhaps a small stabilizer strap from their backpacks could fix this? I don’t think that either of these are reasons not to buy the Venture personally, but your needs may differ. Thanks to the padded back and bottom, this has also become an exceptional camera sling/cube. But not many slings can be truly useful for full-frame cameras. The Bellroy Venture Sling managed to hold my full-frame mirrorless and two prime lenses.

However, the size is great for stashing away even an iPhone 12 Pro Max, so feel free to use the City Pouch to easily carry your favorite iPhone. It surprised me how slim the waistline is, enabling me to be more mobile, more agile and more compact. It doesn’t sacrifice on space however, as the recessed wheels create extra usable space that I’ve definitely put to use. Overall, that means it has a lower height profile and just glides between aircraft aisles, security turnstiles, and fits in with the kind of agile traveller I like to be. The strap is built from soft and sturdy nylon — the same commonly used for car seatbelts — that’s pleasing to the touch but also feels substantial and durable. It’s also equipped with a single metal adjustment point that’s easily altered whether you’re in the safety of your own home or wearing it out in the world.

While other slings might try and squeeze a pocket or two in the front, or add some louder branding – Bellroy kept things simple. The front is smooth and sleek, and accented by a leather patch with the Bellroy logo in the top right hand corner. YKK zippers are a staple in the backpack community and are widely regarded as the finest zippers in the land. The Bellroy Sling continues the backpack tradition of using YKK zippers. This might sound obvious, but some people want a sling when really what they need is a backpack.

I usually have a sony zv-1, small handheld tripod, battery pack and my wallet in the larger compartment. In the quick access pocket I keep my keys, an extra camera battery, my phone and my airpods. The bellroy sling mini is the smaller of the two slings that bellroy offers. Its size makes it a great everyday carry and really gets out of your way when you are out and about. The Sling is a small shoulder satchel with two soft-lined, zipper pockets, an expandable main compartment.