Battle Of The Boxes Ipsy Versus Birchbox

The $3 ones are repeat ones often but usually great products or even to use for teens or a travel bag etc. Read the fine print and misleading add-on. I was charged double because of what they call refreshments. I still don’t understand what that is, don’t remember even checking the box!

ipsy bag reviews

But truthfully, I really like having a seperate night moisturizer. I don’t have a problem using serums in both the morning and the night, or essences, or toners or cleansers, but something about moisturizers. I really like having a seperate one for night time use. I;ve found a few I like well enough, but I haven’t found one that I find super fabulous. Honestly, I have never heard of this brand before, but I do love Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid.

OFRA COSMETICS Sitting Pretty Midi Palette (retail $35) was one of my options so I chose it. The small golden one in this palette is the perfect shade for me and I know I will wear it. I also like the travel size of the palette. And I have a larger palette from Ofra where the pans are all the same size so it will be easy to mix and match since the products all pop out of the palette. Having a reusable travel palette that fits the smaller Ofra Pans I have is always a good thing. Plus they are good products in general.

I just took them off PayPal as a payment source so hopefully that fixes it for food now. Charged 12.00 for April, received that bag end of May. I am still waiting for my first and last bag, but I ordered some perfumes that came half empty/missing caps. Out of $45, I was refunded $13, due to lack of replacement. I immediately contacted them and told them that it was fraudulent and how could they have charged my credit card when my card numbers aren’t even the same anymore.

The Glam Bag Plus is $25; comparatively, Boxy Charm is $21 per month and seems to be primarily name brand products. I have used it before and I am happy to have another bottle of it. Not much just a drop or two to rub in especially around the joints and fingertips. It is kind of one of my summertime faves. I am less than thrilled by the fact that it was the only option in that category that appealed to me. I like this scrub and am happy to have it in a full size.