Playing catch-up in a pandemic

It’s a bit of a paradox, posting during a pandemic lockdown. On the one hand, there’s almost too much that’s different in the world, and reporting on it is both repetitive and depressing for all involved (no?). How do you catch up from the last time this blog mentioned reality? That reality was so long ago. Thousands are dead, thousands in my city, and people are reusing medical equipment and wearing handmade cloth masks like it’s normal. Not to knock the latter; I’m clearly  one of them, thanks to a crafty friend in Philly. It’s just hard not to feel some kinda way about the new normal.

On the other hand, maybe life isn’t changed that much after all. My life has mostly escaped the life-upending turmoil the rest of the country has suffered, in that my partner’s job and our family’s health insurance look secure at the moment (knock on wood). And what’s popularly considered “social isolation” hasn’t drastically affected my own social life as much as most of my friends because, well, being a stay at home mom of twin toddlers in a walk-up in NYC hasn’t afforded me more than a couple social gatherings a month in the time that the kids have been alive. So the primary thing that’s changed in that regard has been that I can’t grocery shop after the kids go to sleep anymore since all the shops have curtailed hours now.

I feel bad about being facetious when the country is crumbling. Another reason it’s hard to post updates from the “epicenter of the epicenter” of this thing.

Before the pandemic, the kids usually enjoyed weekly visits from at least three different friends of ours, not inclusive of grandparents. Of those, one flew out to California early on to spend the lockdown with her (normally long distance) boyfriend; the other two are spending their lockdown working from respective apartments. The kids see their dad all the time now since he’s been working from home for more than five weeks at this point (earlier than many other employers and American cities, including NYC). But he’s always taking meetings in a bedroom or talking with teammates on the phone, so it’s not exactly weekend vibes here just because he’s home.

I’m not complaining. Just…recounting. Cataloging.

I read less than before. I had this idea that I would use April for some creative writing since it’s a camp nanowrimo month, but it’s been hard to get into the appropriate headspace. Maybe when I’m able to fully give up on the writing, I can go back to reading. Circe did become available to e-check out from the library and that writing is just crazy good, and I’m only three chapters in.

For right now, coping looks a lot like binging trashy TV and doomscrolling on social media in my free time. I caught up on Legacies this week, and started watchalong date nights with friends over Jitsi to watch Supernatural. In the week it’s taken for me to actually hit publish on this post, I’ve picked up Lucifer and finished the current season as well. And although it’s a couple years late, Marc and I are finally catching up on The Good Place, although that’s far from trashy TV. We have one more season to go, and picked up Better Call Saul again (another un-trashy pick) in the meantime.

So this is me, checking in. Safe and healthy and about as sane as anyone can be. Whoever you are reading this, I hope you’re well.

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