Available for pre-order: Love from the Vortex & Other Poems by Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz

So…as I am making social media posts tonight about how I’ve busted ass this week to finish my work with Love from the Vortex, I realize I haven’t actually shared the pre-order link for the book? Nor Yolie’s beautiful website (the envy!!) and the page she has for the book??

So I’m sharing those links now, although it’s poorly timed because the book is going to publish any second, practically. Yes, I should be more familiar with the publishing schedule but if I’m honest, I’ve had particularly bad tunnel vision with the work I’m responsible for and the schedule I’m trying to maintain, especially this week as I’ve sacrificed oh so much sleep for these last minute (and stressful) pushes.

(Stressful because of issues I ran into and felt compelled to fix, mind, not for any other reason; Team Vortex at Kaleidoscope Vibrations has been nothing but wonderful and assuring and supportive.)

It was to the point earlier in the week where my husband was worried about my immune system dropping, which is obviously a timely concern at this point because of coronavirus pandemic concerns…and yet mostly isn’t because I leave the house so very rarely. The STAHM twin life is naturally crowd- and even people-avoidant, I’m here to attest.

But, you know, not immune to work. So I’ll post again when the book is officially pubbed. I have some reading and TV shows I’d like to catch up on, but truth be told, I’m already signed up for more Vortex work and can’t take too much of a break with that because it’s definitely better to have merch ready for the book tour sooner than later, surely?! 

Lord, the question marks and italics. The last couple posts have been very unedited rambles, and I may live to regret that. But that’s the thing about tunnel vision and working on very little sleep: this is a future Caroline’s problems! Probably.

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